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Video: Here’s Why this 16-Year-Old Black Girl insists she’s White

Treasure, a 16-year-old black girl, has insisted that she’s Caucasian, has nothing in common with black people, and thinks all black people are ugly.

Treasure’s mother, Monique and brother, Kendall, exasperated and embarrassed by her views, turned to Dr. Phil for help.

Treasure, on the show, discussed why she feels she’s not black – her hair is naturally straight, her nose is “not giant,” her lips are “perfect, they’re not too big and not too small.”

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A life coach who spoke to her on the show let her know that what she had was self-loathing, and she was essentially describing herself, but Treasure disagreed. She said:

I don’t have any problems with myself. I, honestly, think that God made one perfect person; it’s me. I feel like black people should be put in a different place.

Watch clips of Treasure speaking:



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