Veteran Kannywood Actor, Kassimu Yero In Need Of Help As Health Condition Fails

Kannywood veteran actor, Kassimu Yero is reportedly in critical condition and needs help. This was gathered from the Instagram handle of the actor’s colleague, Monsurah_Isah.

Alhaji Kassimu Yero is a famous Nigerian actor who made his name playing iconic characters, mainly villains, in TV series or films.

She wrote;

“Kassimu Yero is a veteran actor, starred in Cock Crow at Dawn and Magana Jari Ce. He is known in the north, especially in the 1980s.
For any assistance here is Kasimu Yero’s number 08063166344 help for the sake of Allah. What ever you do for him, you did it for the sake of Allah. Don’t ask about others. Do your own part and quiet. He is human, a father, uncle, brother, friend and a Muslim before being an actor. #help#peace #donate #putasmileonthatface
Address :
No 12 Force Road,
Marafa Estate, Kaduna.
Bank Account Details :
ACCT NUMBER: 0020760763″


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