Vera Sidika Gets New Set Of Teeth, Check Out Her Smile

Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika is currently living the life in Beverly Hills, USA. She has been vacationing there for a couple of weeks now. However she also revealed that this is where her plastic surgeons are.

After revealing that she was planning on getting rid of her breast implants, the lady also had plans to fix her teeth. She now owns a new smile thanks to cosmetic dentistry.

She paraded the new set of teeth on her social media pages not forgetting to mention that they were just temporary. However, since she still considers her smile ‘ugly’ the lady is yet to under go more surgeries in the near future.

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Apart from her teeth, Vera Sidika will also be getting a nose job to ‘fix’ her African nose. With the new skin and implants…the socialite seems to be changing herself to a totally different person.


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