United State Congratulates Somalia For Successful Election

The United States has congratulated the people of Somalia on the successful election of a new president, promising to work with the new head of state Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo.

In a similar light the US government commends the Somali Security Forces and the African Union Mission in Somalia for their efforts over the past six months to allow the electoral process to unfold in a relatively safe and secure environment.


Somalia’s new administration has also been advised to take credible steps to stamp out corruption and to establish strong electoral institutions to enable a free and fair one person one vote poll in 2020.

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The United States established diplomatic relations with Somalia in 1960.

Somalia turned towards the West in the 1970’s following the war with Ethiopia in search of international support, military and economic aid.

Apart from promoting political and economic stability, the U.S. has the interest of helping Somalia to eliminate terrorism as well as engaging to help the country in the horn of Africa to alleviate its humanitarian crisis caused by years of conflict and drought.


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