Unbelievable! See Four N*ked Witchcraft Family Members Who Allegedly Crash-landed While Flying In Zambia(Photos)

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It is still unclear how four people alleged to be into witchcraft crash landed n*ked in Zambia to the surprise of locals.

The alleged four witchcraft family members who crash landed in Zambia
In this strange report, an alleged Ndola witchcraft family of four crash-landed in Solwezi of Zambia this morning while traveling from Ndola to Congo DR, Zambia’s leading news site, reports.
”we were shocked when we saw people screaming from the top shouting NOO! NOO! , this forced us to go outside and check after we reached outside we saw a family of four which include a father , mother and children n*ked on the ground asking for forgiveness ” an eyewitness explained .
When asked what happened the fallen wizard father said his family was sent by the higher powers to go and cause confusion in Congo and make sacrifices.
“We were tasked to kill over 20 people but as we reached Solwezi our flying powers finished all of the sudden and we fell to the ground,” the man confessed.
Their sudden appearance had left people really amazed, as they gathered around to listen to the confessions and to also take photos of the alleged witches and wizard.

Written by Linus Felicia

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