Unbelievable! Meet The Man Who Spends N8m To Get Massive Bum, Lip-Fillers And Botox

A man has shocked the world by going ahead to get expensive cosmetic surgery that gave him a massive bum, lip fillers and botox all paid by his sugar-daddies.

James Holt
A man has spent a whopping £21,000 (N8 million) on cosmetic surgery to look like the Kardashian sisters.
According to The Sun, James Holt, 22, from Bury, Greater Manchester, has splurged £10,000 on his lip fillers alone to emulate his idols, Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner.
He has also spent about £3,000 on Botox, £2,000 on cheek filler, filler under his eyes, and filler on his jawline and even said he is willing to have six ribs removed to achieve his ideal hourglass shape.
Now, five years after his first procedure, James has transformed to a head-turning doll-lookalike.
“I’m going to be really fake looking – that’s the look I’m going for,” he said.
“I love the Kardashians, especially Kylie and Khloe, but Kim is past it now. I love that big butt and small waist look.
“Since Kylie started getting big lips a year ago it’s become really fashionable. Mine are bigger than Kylie’s now.”
He started the process when he was just 17 as he wanted to be like his idols. So, he booked an appointment at a local salon to have his first bout of Botox and lip injections.
He said: “I went to college the next day expecting everyone to be amazed and to comment on my lips, but no one said anything
“I went back the next morning and had another 1.5ml put in, but still no one noticed.
“By the end of the week I had 6ml and everyone said it looked amazing. I loved my look. It was big and juicy and it was just what I wanted.”
He was hooked and wanted more which led him to get a botox and bum implant. He now tops up his filler every two months, to keep his luscious lips in prime condition.
Continuing his quest to completely transform his look, James will fly to Poland in August to have a £4,000 nose job. He also plans to have a chin implant, his toes straightened and fat transferred to his behind to create a round bum.
Though the procedures do not come cheap, James is spoilt with cash from his three sugar daddies. In return, James gives them scantily clad pictures of the jaw-dropping results.
He explained: “The most I’ve been given is £2,000, but I usually get around £400.
“You’ve just got to squeeze as much money out of them as fast as you can.
“And when they start pressurising you to meet them, you block them.”

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