Unbelievable! Father Forces His 10-Month-Old Baby To Drink Beer (Photos+Video)

A father has been heavily criticized after he was caught red-handed on tape forcing his 10-month-old baby to drink beer.

Baby given Beer by the father
A father has left many shocked after a video of him forcing his 10-month-old baby to drink beer went viral. The incident which happened in India has sparked media outrage.
The footage was recorded on a Smartphone and shows the young child crawling around the house in the city of Chennai in the south-east of the country.
The father gets down on the floor and hands the baby two bottles as he smiles and looks up at the mother who is holding the camera.
The man and woman in the video were not identified in local reports and it was not made clear whether the baby was a boy or a girl, however the man can be heard calling himself the child’s father throughout the footage,Dailymail reported.
Many condemned the parents on social media for putting their child’s health at risk. It is not known whether police have become involved in the matter.
Watch the video below:

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