Unbelievable! 18-Year-Old-Girl Stabs Herself To Death, Leaves Suicide Note After Her Boyfriend Dumped Her (Graphic Photos)

A young girl has left people dumbfounded after she was found out to have ended her life because of a boy.

A story making the round on social media tells of a young girl who has committed suicide.
She allegedly committed suicide after her boyfriend dumped her for another girl.
The incident reportedly happened on July 27.
Below is the alleged suicide note she left behind:
The story which has still not been confirmed yet, (and which some people doubt is real) was shared on Faecbook.
According to the Facebook user who shared it, (and who swears it is real) the young girl is identified as Famatta.
The deceased, who recently graduated from high school left a suicide note asking God for forgiveness.
Below are photos from the supposed suicide scene:
Click here to view pic3: 

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