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UN Under-Secretary-General Beseeches Adaptation On French Troops In Sahel

French troops in Africa's Sahel region as part of an anti-insurgent operation in Inaloglog, Mali, October 17, 2017. Picture taken October 17, 2017. REUTERS/Benoit Tessier/File Photo

The United Nations Under-Secretary-General has insisted on the need to adapt than cut down French troops in the Sahel.

Speaking to AFP in Bamako, Mali, Jean-Pierre Lacroix said “It’s not a question of numbers, it’s not a question of more or less, it’s a question of permanent adaptation, and it’s a work in progress.”

Lacroix is visiting the West African nation to take stock of the peace efforts. He will also meet the transitional authorities put in place by the military after the August 2020 coup.

“If there are groups or elements of jihadist or terrorist groups that may be brought or encouraged or want to come to the negotiating table. Because negotiation is necessarily a partnership, it’s necessarily something that presupposes at the very least the willingness to come to the negotiating table in the first place”, Lacroix added.

France is considering reducing the number of its 5,100 strong anti-jihadist force in the Sahel. The UN Under-Secretary-General is hoping that the new U.S administration will continue its support for peace operations to the crisis in the region.

The arrival of President Joe Biden has raised hope in the international community of the return of the United States to global affairs.

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