Uganda’s Spice Diana Breaks Silence On Wearing Artificial Hips

Embattled singer Spice Diana may fall prey to all the mushrooming bad rumors about her but she will not let one thing go un-explained. The singer who has in the recent past had very rough days has broken the silence on allegations that she wore hips on her concert day and perhaps still wears then. The singer who previously has had bad interview days on BBS and NTV will let all that pass but not the lies that she wore hips.


According to Spice Diana, on her concert day she had a costume for the day and was expected to make a grand entrance, to fly in like an angel. “Spice was to come on stage flying like an angel and obviously she had to wear support right from her thighs. Inside her costume she had material from which the ropes that support her were tied and that explains the alleged hip extensions that people are implying.” Her manager explained. The singer further confirmed and admitted that had other clothings inside her costume but they were not hip extensions but rather part of her support to her flying entrance.

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Spice Diana is with no doubt one of the very beautiful female singers we have and we agree she doesn’t need hip extensions to rock us.


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