Ugandans In Shock As Singer Jose Chameleone Reveals His Burial Guidelines

African living music legendary, Jose Chameleone is still the talk of town after he littering terrifying words about his funeral.

Appearing on NBS TV’s ‘After5’ show after almost a month in Democratic Republic of Congo for music business, Jose Chameleone detailed about his funeral, which he adores to be one of a kind.

The Leone Island boss jokingly revealed how he already told his manager Robert Mutima Nkuke to sell his (Chameleone) funeral to events promoter Balaam or Bajjo because it will be flocked by uncountable people.

Chameleone also said that he adores his body to be put in a glass casket so that no one struggles to throw the last sight on him.

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Bro…bro…. I want to have a glass casket. I don’t want disturbances of opening the coffin everytime. I want my body to be seen even miles away,” Jose Chameleone said.

The “Forever” singer also mocked people who are fond of not appreciating the living but instead do to the dead.

However, Chameleone’s statements have left the public horrified as are likened to those that most people do utter close to their fateful moments.


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