Ugandans Blast Bettinah Over ‘Rolex’ Video

Socialite and Fashionista, Bettinah Tinah, enjoyed the ‘Rolex’ for the first time ever last weekend. Being that it is a popular delicacy in Uganda, one would expect that most Ugandans have had a share of the ‘Rolex’, but no, not Bettinah. Following a video she shared online, fans have roasted her for pretending to be different from everyone else. The comments are hilarious.

@hadiaella_ntongoLmao..😂😂….this chic has a Masters degree in lie_ing….like who tf lies about obvious things.I’m pissed

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@iam_humphreyHahaha it’s either of the two: 1. Bettinah forced a life she doesn’t have coz she either comes from a deprived family background or feels the need to show off a high class life. She keeps doing this intentionally for showbiz. Which I’d support 100%.

Jäý Jõè Next am smelling her nudes. Just wait……..these girls are now doing anything to get attention


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