Ugandan Singer, Sheebah Karungi Inspires Young Women

Musician Sheebah Karungi is one who has been at the bottom and now at the top. One can say that she has seen it all. The Team No Sleep superstar recently shared an inspiring message for women world over basing on her own life.

While speaking about being bold with Bold in Africa fashion store, Sheebah said that standing by the truth is what has kept her bold. ‘My definition of being a Bold Woman is standing in my truth. Facing it. Being honest about my imperfections and mistakes,’ she said.

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Sheeebah goes on to say that she is all about self-forgiveness and that this virture has taken her far and can take many young women far. ‘Forgiving myself for what went wrong. No one is perfect. Teaching others. Bettering others.’

Using her past life experiences, Sheebah advised women to be confident. ‘I have so many scars on my body because of what I have been through. But this is who I am. This is my story. I’m a woman with a voice.’

There you have it ladies. Be confident be bold.


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