Ugandan Singer, Irene Ntale Talks About Plans To Get Married

Musician Irene Ntale who has a new EP out has finally spoken about her marriage plans. While other artistes seem to have no problem finding someone to marry, it is not the case with Irene Ntale who said that she is having an ample amount of time to get her self together and find the right man to call hubby.

While appearing in a recent interview, Ntale has this to say. “I’m not in a rush to get married and I’m sure God will help me get a man at the right time.” Ntale stressed as she responsed to numerous questions from fans about getting the one.

She then went on to express that it is a nice thing to be married and just like most women, she would like to find a good man who she can settle down with.

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Irene then dropped the bomb on any fellow artiste that wishes to become her man. The RnB, reggae, and acoustic artiste said that she cannot and will never marry someone in the same industry emphasizing that she would really wish to have someone who does not have any single interest in doing music.

Ntale while getting much deeper into the conversation said men fear approaching artistes because of their statuses which usually comes as an injustice.



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