Ugandan Singer Ashie Talks About Her Music Journey

In an exclusive interview, Ugandan rising singer Ashie discussed her music journey and here are the excerpts:

Who is Ashie?

My name is Sandra Ashaba, hence the ‘Ashie’. I am a simple, free spirited and fun loving lady. I love making friends and by this, I purpose to make one every day, or at least an acquaintance.

When did you join the music industry and what have been some of your projects?

I started singing back in O level when I majored in music as a subject, but I started recording songs in 2011. Some of my projects include; Dance, Let it rain, Hold me, and Mukundwa among others.


What has been your best and worst experience in the music industry?

One of my best and thrilling experiences was my first video shoot for the song ‘Mukundwa’, I couldn’t believe I had been missing out on such adventure. My worst experiences are the rejection moments by people who I needed help from to make it to the next step but I must say they have made me resilient.

Are you in a relationship?


Tell us about your latest video project

My latest video project which happens to be my first too was a very exciting moment. I worked with a very enthusiastic and supportive team from Egotastic (EMG) on the song titled ‘Mukundwa’ which means ‘lover’ in Runyankore. It is an ‘RnB’ song which was produced by Nase Avatar at Portbell Drive Music.

Where do you see Sandra a few years from now

Well, I see myself in a place where I can be able to do a peculiar kind of music for the Ugandan audience. The kind that isn’t often sung here.

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Many musicians have found it hard to make money from their works because of the copyright law in Uganda, what are your views on a workaround on this?

To be honest, it is a bit harder in this day and era considering that social media isn’t censored or restricted, yet it’s the easiest way to market the music. However, once a musician is established, I believe that with better management, this can be improved, gradually.

Who do you admire musically internationally and why?

I admire Mariah Carey. I learnt to sing on her CDs, I would always want to copy her notes and style and eventually I was able to sing a whole song. She is also one of those old wines of the music industry that have really stood the test of time.

Do you see yourself taking on the international scene?

With music, anything is possible, because you never know where your best audience may come from. So, definitely yes.

Any word of encouragement for those would like to join the industry?

Music is a passion; it cannot be done consistently if it’s just for trial. A lot of patience is required to just finally join and definitely hard work when you do. Just follow your heart to your dream.


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