Ugandan Musician, John Blaq Lands New Multi-million Deal

Musician John Blaq will soon be smiling all the way to the bank. This after reports indicating that the Tukwatagane singer has once again scored a new multi-million deal with beverage company, Crown Beverages Limited.

This doesn’t seem to come as a shock, following the success of the Tukonectinge with Pepsi promo for which he was the Campaign ambassador. The Tukonectinge campaign saw thousands of locals participating and winning millions worth of prizes, 25 Toyota wish cars driven home and more than 30 people winning a fully paid trip to Dubai.

“John Blaq brings good vibes, has great support from his fans and is a humble person which I think might have made him sign a new deal,” a source from Pepsi revealed, adding that, “His music is getting better and given the right support with the right partners, John will only get better.”

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Asked about the nature and value of the deal, our source said, “All I can say is, the singer is smiling all the way to the bank.”

According to one of his close associates, Blaq is likely to have Pepsi behind him on many levels because of his growing music career. “They told us they have enjoyed working with him in the past and believe that the partnership between Pepsi and John Blaq is for the long-term,” he said.


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