Uganda: Zanie Brown 4 Schools Charity Donates Glasses To Over 200 Eye Patients

Singer Zanie Brown will not only be remembered for her great music but also for her charity works that have changed people’s lives and inspired them

Over the weekend people of Lwabenge Masaka’s Christmas came early as philanthropist Zanie Brown was in their area for a charity drive that they will live to remember for the rest of their lives

Zanie Brown under her charity organization Zanie Brown 4 Schools took charity to Masaka were she spent millions in a healthy camp and donating to people, the Mugulu singer came through took professional doctors to Masaka who checked and treated people with eye problems and after they gave them eye glasses.

Zanie didn’t stop on treating people with Eye problems but also carted for the disabled as she donated to them wheelchairs a thing that put a smile on their faces and thanked prayed for the her. Other notable things that she gave bicycles to the youths, Christmas Hampers that consisted of basic needs like sugar, soap, salt, rice and cooking oil among others on the event that was graced by the minister of Agriculture Lwabwenge Masaka

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Zanie Brown 4 Scools charity organization is arguably one of the best charity organizations in the country at the moment, from sensitizing the youths, empowering the women to charity drives around the country. Despite her young age, Zanie through her works has managed to set an example and inspire many people. she has done things that few people of her age can do a thing that has kept her exceptional and fun’s favorite.


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