Uganda: You Remind Me Of A Story Of An Old Rotten Fart That Thought It Smelled Good – Naira Ali to Eddie Sendi

Singer Naira Ali seems not settling for any criticism of her music this year like has often.

This is after her roasting renowned entertainment critic, Edward Sendikadiwa a.k.a Eddie Sendi as she fired back at his carping on her music.

Last week, the “Sikyalinda” singer penned a letter on her social media complaining about some of her fellow artists paying the media to sabotage her music.

Naira Ali went ahead and vowed to expose some of the artists in her upcoming posts.

Her post cracked mixed reactions from both the media and public domain as some dared her to mention any of the individuals she was hitting at in the revelation.

Among Naira’s allegation critics was Eddie Sendi who belittled her songs catalog and cautioned her to shun seeking public sympathy and focus on creating more competitive music instead.

This was over the weekend, during his ‘Talk & Talk’ radio show on 90.4 Dembe FM.

However, Eddie Sendi’s words sounded not pleasant at all to Naira Ali as she also pulled back with a disheartened retaliation.

According to Naira Ali, Sendi and colleagues’ words were ‘venomous and bitter’ but not at any moment close to being ‘constructive’.

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She has also decried the high rate of bitterness and disorderly currently in the country.

However, Naira Ali vowed to stand firm and feel unbothered about all sorts of negativity that may arise against her music career.

Read Naira’s full statement below;

Mr #Ssendi and the likes,

It’s unfortunate that people like you who should offer advise and counsel to our Industry resort to venomous and bitter insults. With all due respect, there is a big difference between opinions and abuse. This is where we go wrong as a people and Country. When a Nation has Elderly Men who have nothing to offer but bitterness, abuse and kabampaane then we are doomed.

But i stand tall and form, way above that level of negativity. When they go low and shallow we go high, when they spread anger and venom, we pray for their troubled and disgruntled souls. To the good Men and Women out there, keep spreading love and good counsel.

Btw you remind of a story of “an old rotten fart that thought it smelled good” but that’s a story for another day.


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