Uganda Will Be Like Somalia The Day Museveni Leaves Power- Semujju Nganda

Following last week’s fracas at parliament, Forum for Democratic Change Spokesperson Semujju Nganda has been receiving treatment from Nagalaama Hospital where he was admitted.

Semujju Nganda

According to Ssemujju, President Museveni has made himself the centre of stability that leaves the country prone to instability as others will fight for control once he steps down.

“President Museveni has made himself the center of stability in this country. The day Museveni leaves power; we will be in another Somalia where each General has something to control.

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Let people know that there will be repercussions when Museveni leaves at whatever stage,” Ssemujju explained.

Ssemujju narrated how he got saved from the scuffle saying; “When Museveni’s guards were strangling me, it’s Frank Mwesigwa who came and told them to stop.”

The honourable is amongst the 25 MPs who were suspended for three parliament sittings.

Source: matooke republic


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