Uganda: Weasel Discloses Two Singers That Motivate Him

Vocalist Weasel who has since the passing in of his singing accomplice Radio has not ever been the same is beginning to pick up mettle to perform alone is gradually picking up and throughout the end of the week he performed in Mubende for a very long time as far back as Radio passed on.

In Mubende Weasel is said to have gone for a straight hour of a consistent performance. While on stage he revealed to revellers that there are artistes he has great admiration for. “There are artistes that have stood the test of time. They inspire me alot, I want to stand strong and for long as they have over the years. Chameleone and Bibi Wine inspire the rest of us all. They have been here before us all and yet they still stand strong if not stronger.” He said.

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Weasel has released one song since Radio passed on. He next week will release his other single titled GOOD OVER EVIL.


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