Uganda: Soldier Goes On Rampage Shooting, Killed 5

Yesterday, The Second in Command of Ganda LDF Unit in Nansana Ganda went on rampage shooting, he killed fellow security operatives, civilians and injured several others before he was killed by security forces.

The civilian was a mother driving to work. The incident happened in Nansana on the outskirts of the capital Kampala.

An army statement identified the shooter as Dennis Omara who held the rank of Lance Corporal. The army said it had launched an investigation into the deadly shooting.



Eyewitnesses said Omara had a misunderstanding with his security colleagues before shooting at them. Others said he had been drinking before opening fire on his colleagues.

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Attacks by security personnel on their colleagues or civilians are common in Uganda.

Last February, a paramilitary police personnel shot two colleagues dead after a disagreement. He then turned the gun on himself.

In the same month, a soldier shot dead three family members in Gulu, northern Uganda after a land dispute.

On Christmas Day of 2020, a soldier shot and killed 4 people in western Uganda. He has since been sentenced to 101 years in prison by an army court.




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