Uganda Socialite, Zari’s Funny Message After Diamond’s Fall During Performance

Diamond Platnmuz’s ex Zari Hassan excited social media with a funny response to his falling amid a performance.

The Iyena hitmaker was pulling an energetic performance of the song Zilipendwa to a charged crowd with Mbosso and Rayvanny when a section of the stage flipped over, sending him and Rayvanny tumbling down.

The video was widely shared on social media, with the star, who appeared unhurt later sharing it on his Instagram page.

Curious that Zari had stayed mum on the incident, one fan decided to taunt her that her ex had tumbled off stage.

“Unajua kama baba yao kapata ajali kwenye jukwaa huko Sumbawanga?” (You know Diamond Platnumz has fallen offstage in Sumbawanga) the fan posted.

“Subir nitume ambulance kutoka Sauzi. Naona unanijulisha akuna madaktari uko.” (Wait I send an ambulance from South Africa. That informs me that there are no doctors in Tanzania) Zari replied.

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The bongo star’s Kenyan lover Tanasha Donna was on her part sympathetic to the star consoling him with a “Woooiii, so sorry my Baby” comment to which he replied, “Thank you, Mama.”

He was performing at Sumbawanga in Tanzania during Wasafi festival.


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