Uganda: Record Label Route Entertainment Introduce New Artiste, Sharon Peyton.

With ordinary developing ability, there is another record mark and artiste hitting the scene regular. The lastest are Route Entertainment and Sharon Peyton who are a record mark and new artiste individually. Renowned musician Oman Rafiki has assisted his development psyche to owning a record name and marking another artiste. Oman Rafiki has begun up a record mark in name of Route ENT and furthermore marked the previous artist.

Sharon Peyton a former dancer is on verge of releasing her debut single under her new label. Sharon Peyton has all intentions to go as far as she possibly can at her new adventure. “She is talented both as a dancer and singer. She will unveil her singing talent this Saturday as we release her first single.” Oman Rafiki said.

Who is Sharon Peyton?

Sharon Peyton was born Sharon Nabunya she was born and Raised in a Kampala suburb “Kabowa”, where her family still stays. She was born 13th/ july/ 1993. “Dance is my life, as a young girl with dreams and ambitions i got to fall in love with dancing while i was still in my primary level of education till i joined high school, that’s how i knew i was somehow attached to Dance, my passion drove me to pursuing dance as a career, i drew all my inspirations from live stage shows of dance and watched so many dance movies like “HONEY” among others, though dancing was my look up to career the inner me was music, you can’t dance before you hear the beat, that’s how i knew it was time to go to the next level which is music, 2017 made me realize music was the way to go after recording a demo for my first single “SOLDIER” she reveals.

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EDUCATION BACKGROUND; Buddo Junior School (Primary) St.Lawrence Citizen’s High School, Makerere Business School ( Bachelor’s Degree)

As a dancer she has shared stages with the likes of Neyo, Nyanda, Demarco and has choreographed for music videos for Artists like sheebah (Nkwatako) Superstar(Chameleon) Go Down(Iryn Ntale) among others.


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