Uganda Launches First Milk Exhibition


Uganda To Launch First Milk Exhibition This September

The Uganda National Museum in conjunction with the Ethnographic Museum of Zurich and Igongo Cultural Institute have organized Uganda’s first Milk exhibition aiming at engaging the milk community.

The exhibition under the theme ‘Drink Deeply! Milk Exhibition’ will be launched on 22 September 2017 and will run for three months.

According to Amon Mugume, the project coordinator, the exhibition is about milk as culture and business in Uganda and Switzerland.

“The exhibition will give insights on history, traditions and milk products, indigenous knowledge systems of the communities and process of making milk products,” said Mugume.

“The exhibition is not all about history and tradition, it displays the status of milk in Uganda today, the global present in the industrial change in the world is represented, gender roles, environmental, political economy as well as global perspectives,” he added.

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Mugume further said that the exhibition will focus on milk from cows since most non- human milk consumed by humans is from cows.

During the launch many activities like round table discussion, exhibition launch and tour as well as milk cocktail will take place.

Some of the activities to take place during the opening of the milk exhibition will include a round table discussion which will involve topics such as milk and culture, socio-economic and political issues surrounding milk economy as well as a milk cocktail.


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