Uganda: Kazoora Sentenced To Six Months Prison Over Shs54 Million Loan


Television character and occasions MC David Kazoora alais J Kazoora will spending the next six months at Luzira Civil prison after he failed to pay a bank loan amounting to Shs54 million.

Kazoora was captured on Monday at Lugogo by-go by bailiffs from Tuskem Associates who have been trailing him for as long as one year when he ruptured the installment plan he made with the bank.

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Kazoora is said to have taken the loan from United Bank of Africa (UBA) in 2015.

The deputy registrar in-charge of the Execution Division of the High Court, Deo Nzeyimana on Monday signed the committal warrant sending Kazoora off to civil prison and ordered UBA to pay a daily fee of Shs3,000 to cater for his meals.


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