Uganda: Influencers – The People That Shape Your Social Media Action


Have you at any point asked why a few people via web-based networking media make a special effort to give you the most recent news refresh, chatter, live sustains, or even amusingness? Like nothing else, they, as a rule, get you snared to their Twitter handles and Facebook pages.

All things considered, some do it for enthusiasm however there is a huge number who carefully bolster you data to bring issues to light of battles they have no enthusiasm for. Welcome to the online networking universe of influencers. The Observer takes a gander at a portion of the famous media influencers (in no specific request of prevalence) who have taken a shot at some prominent brands.

These individuals command a legion of followers on social media; they comment on anything topical but most importantly, many are paid to be active and influence the way you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and, to a some extent, WhatsApp.

To some, this is a business and digital experts estimate it has grown into a multimillion shilling industry so much so that President Museveni’s recent order to tax social media may start with these influencers.

Imagine to be paid as much as Shs 200,000 for just one tweet about a launch of a new product; or charging a fixed rate to advertise a promotional event. These few ladies and gentlemen in this trade often call the shots in this sophisticated way of advertising or creating brand awareness.
To understand this trend, you have to know how digitally-assertive companies work. For instance, when Coca-Cola decided to bring the 2018 football World Cup trophy from South Africa to Uganda in March this year, they needed to create a lot of buzz around it.

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Coca-Cola, who are the official sponsors of the tournament, did not call on the usual suspects – the press – to drum up the vibe but a team of players in a rapidly growing industry called social media influencers.

The beverage company arranged an all-expense-paid round trip for the influencers, all the way from Entebbe to Cape Town – where the influencers worked their Twitter handles with all sorts of brand awareness tweets and Facebook posts.

Social media influencers are tech enthusiasts who, with a single tweet can easily change the perception about a brand, are disrupting the media space by dragging corporate revenues away from the traditional media houses.

When it comes to their advertising spend, more companies are increasingly looking at digital platforms and social media influencers to drive their brands, away from buying space and airtime in traditional media outlets.

The trend is also shifting in the sense that some media outlets such as tabloids and online media websites are gradually turning to the pages of social media influencers as sources of information and news.


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