Uganda doesn’t have enough sugar to export to Kenya, says Wako

Busia Senator, Amos Wako has said cheap imported sugar could find its way to the Kenyan market through Uganda.

The Senator however made it clear that he is not opposed to sugar imports from Uganda but argued that Uganda does not have a surplus to warrant it to export to Kenya.

He differed with Senate Speaker, Ekwe Ethuro who defended the Jubilee Government’s move to import sugar from Uganda.

“We are not opposed to genuine sugar from Uganda because we are members of the East Africa community. What we do not want is illegal sugar finding its way here and undermining sugar sector in Kenya,” said Wako.

“We are opposed to sugar coming from Uganda because it does not have surplus and will destroy our factories.  Uganda could be used as a channel for foreign goods finding their way to Kenya so as to undermine our economy.”

Wako reiterated those involved in bringing down sugar factories must be investigated and prosecuted.

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But Senate speaker who was the guest and represented Deputy President William Ruto at the ACK Nambale church, cautioned against the sugar politics saying each political side has been heard and now it is time for a sober debate.

“We have now heard both the opposition and Government speak about the sugar issue. We can now look for facts. It is a fact that we don’t produce enough sugar for consumption,”he said.

Ethuro on his part said: “My understanding is that the sugar that will be brought is to meet the deficit. Furthermore, the Government has decided to revive all sugar factories.”

Ethuro said it was better for Kenya to import sugar from her EAC neigbours than abroad.

He however said should the matter find itself on the floor of the Senate, he would remain neutral.

“Those are my views but if the matter comes before Parliament, I will preside over the matter without favor,” he added.


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