Uganda: City Socialite, King KC Surprises Wife With Another Car (Photos)

After the lavish mega birthday surprise party that happened early this month, the king socialite King KC is not done yet. Still about the birthday, King KC has surprised his wife Queen Shinah with another car to add to her fleet. Shinah was surprised to find a brand new Alphard in her parking lot with wordings ”Happy Birthday my Queen” news she took to her Instagram.

She posted “Saw this Alphard in traffic a few days back. Told hubby how this wud be a good car to drive while going to see Mum in Mbarara. He asked “You mean u like this bus” He called it a bus lmao My reply was a big YES. Imagine my SURPRISE this evening seeing it parked in our compound with “HAPPY BIRTHDAY WIFEY” Best birthday gift ever. Thanks so much for this amazing gift baby”

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Meanwhile, just last month on 14th February, on Valentine’s day Queen Shinah woke up to a double surprise, her Nigerian Husband King KC had bought for her two brand new Cars as a token of his love for her. Both the brand new silver cars King KC bought for Shinah are still in their parking lot and now he has added her another monster family car, maybe he is now planning on going bigger with a family, who knows?


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