Uganda: Bebe Cool’s Wife, Zuena Gets Backlash Over Old Taxi Park Renovation

Bebe Cool’s wife, Zuena Kirema, seems to have rubbed some of her followers the wrong way when she made a suggestion about the old taxi park.

Following the presidential directive to halt all public means of transport over coronavirus, this morning, the old taxi park in downtown Kampala was empty. The usually busy transport hub had no activity at all something many had never seen.

After looking at the photos and videos, Zuena made an innocent suggestion to KCCA to swing into action and renovate the park since it will remain like decongested for the next 14 days.

KCCA now that the old taxi park is empty, don’t you think you should use this chance to renovate it?

They can use fewer people to avoid congestion hence to reduce the spread of corona & if need be they can camp there till they’re done.

Just thinking

Zuena Posted on her Facebook Page

Although some of her followers agreed with her, others were totally disappointed by Zuena’s suggestion calling her all sorts of names. Their major concern was the safety of the renovation team that KCCA would have to bring on board.

Petit responded; That would have been a good idea but I don’t think the constructors are immune to coronavirus which is the reason for the lockdown. We can’t put their lives at risk!! Those taxis can always be asked out temporarily so it can be worked on.

Rose added; Rest at home or rest in peace. How can u tell them to renovate when we are all supposed to stay indoors for our safety?

Immaculate said; Good idea, naye don’t you think the money that would be used to renovate the park can be more useful in the covid-19 fight. As of now, there may be more cases that are expected to come up. Just thinking.

Zuena was quick to defend her self. She said that a few people can be used to do this job because we don’t know how long we’ll be indoors. If it means that the team would have to start camping there for that long, so be it.


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