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Uganda: Amanda Tells Sheilah Gashumba Why Her Marriage is Failing

In a freshly leaked convo, city slayqueen, Amanda straight outta Kigali has launched a fresh attack on Sheilah Gashumba.

Amanda among other things accuses Sheilah on lacking bedroom skills. She keeps saying that as any other good munyarwanda, Sheilah should have gone through simple bedroom lessons of Okunyaza. Amanda also says that she has no intention of stealing God’s Plan because he is an adult and can decide for himself.

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“Girl make your self better. I am not here to destroy your only marriage. But you must put in work,”Amanda ia heard telling another friend on the phone.

Meanwhile, 17 year old Grenade has accused God’s Plan of kidnapping him. According to Maggie, “God’s Plan called Grenade to visit him at Speke Apartments and thereafter kidnapped him to an unknown location and warned him off his woman.”


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