Uber Testing its UberEats in Nigeria & Kenya With UberIceCream


Uber riders in Nairobi, Mombasa and Nigeria were part of a global campaign were riders in 69 countries and 400 cities will be able to request an ice cream at a push of button.

In Kenya, Uber partnered with Delia’s All Natural Ice Cream to deliver Uber’s uniquely labelled dessert called “Bits and Atoms”. At the tab of a button, riders in Nairobi and Mombasa will be able to request 2 Servings of Delia’s Natural Ice Cream right to their doorstep

“UberIceCream is a global promotion that celebrates what we have in common, and gives us an opportunity to come together. We are thrilled to bring our riders this exciting experience and we hope riders will take a moment and indulge together” said Alon Lits General Manager for Uber Sub Saharan Africa.

UberEats is a food delivery service by Uber set to be launched across its markets. By testing UberIceCream, the firm is nearing the official launch of UberEats across its various markets.

The UberIceCream promotion works simply.

The promo took place Friday, 15 July, between 11am – 3pm.  Slide across to the Ice Cream view, set your pick-up location and request Ice Cream and within minutes your Uber will arrive to deliver 2 Servings of Delia’s Natural Ice Cream for only KES 200.

In Nigeria, Uber partnered with Hans and Rene to deliver premium and indulgent ice cream scoops. Riders in Lagos requested 2 scoops of ice cream right to their doorstep, Uber jazzed things up a bit this year, riders got their Ice Cream delivered by roller skaters and bikes.

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