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Tyga: I Learn From Kanye West

Tyga “learns something” from Kanye West by having a conversation with him.

The 26-year-old star, who is dating the rapper’s sister-in-law Kylie Jenner, admits he loves chatting to the All of the Lights hitmaker because it feels like an education.

He said: “You learn something by just having a conversation with him. And he listens, and that’s the thing I do.

“I listen to everybody and then I take it and put my own thought on it. That’s just how life is.”

As well as likening himself to Kanye – who is married to Kim Kardashian West – Tyga insist he sees similarities between himself and ”iconic” late rapper Tupac.

Despite dating reality TV star Kylie – who has much of her life documented onKeeping Up with the Kardashians – the Ride Out hitmaker prefers to keep his personal life private.

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He added to DuJour magazine: “I only like people to know what I want them to know.

“People didn’t know what Tupac was doing. That’s why he was so iconic … You can’t base your life off waking up every morning like, ‘What are people saying about me now?

“Then I’d never stay in my creative headspace.”

Tyga recently revealed Kanye helped him end his feud with Drake when he made them to come face-to-face.

He said: “Kanye put us in a room together when he was doing his fashion show and I didn’t even know he was there and we saw each other and gave each other a hug.

“At the end of the day if somebody is not taking anything away from you, like family, it’s not affecting your family or taking away your money, you shouldn’t have a problem with somebody.”


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