al shabaab
al shabaab


Two Al-Shabaab Terrorists Killed In South. Somalia

African Union peacekeeping mission (AMSIOM) backed by Somali forces killed two Al-Shabaab terrorists on Monday in Somalia’s southern city of Kimaiyo.

AMISOM said the allied forces conducted a security disruption and clearing operation in Caba village outside the port city of Kismayo, where they killed the militants behind terror attacks in the region.

“The forces killed two Al-Shabaab terrorists. Somali and AMISOM troops are working closely to destroy Al-Shabaab and bring peace and security to Somalia,” it said in a brief statement.

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The allied forces have intensified their security operations in the Horn of Africa nation, which was scheduled to host its indirect elections on last Saturday but postponed the exercise until further notice.

The operation comes after ten people, mostly militants, were on Sunday killed and several others wounded in a deadly fighting between forces loyal to Somalia’s South-West State and Al-Shabaab militants in southern Somalia.


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