Twitter Users Share Why They Stopped Attending Church

It took a straight-forward question from actress, Lydia Forson, on social media platform, Twitter, to get several people to come out to share why they have stopped attending church, or completely disassociating themselves from the Christian faith.

Her “Why did you stop going to church?” tweet was more than enough and as you will read below, quite a number of people had their interesting reasons for leaving church.

As is with others too, they had quite the justifications for why they disagreed with some of the reasons other tweeps were giving in response to the above question.

“My mum was one of those who built the chapel. She was very devoted to the church. We had home cell in our house. Mum died, and the church said we should write a letter to the headquarters in Accra before they can release a pastor to do her funeral service,” a tweep using the handle @Mr_Ceyram wrote.

Another tweep gave his reason as, “My reverend asked for my tithe book before he signs a document for me,” and to which another replied, “Asking for your tithe book before signing a document is very normal. Please don’t take it out of context. The tithe book in the Presby church is a membership card. And that’s why he asked for it, not to see how much money you give to the church.”

In one of the replies, a user @kotibotoor explained that he never heard salvation being preached in his former church, concluding it with a rather explicit comment.

“Never once in 4years (52×4) weeks did they preach about salvation! I gave up. Doing my best to salvage my soul in my own doing. Plus the current pastor was the first guy to forcefully dry hump me till he ejaculated (we then started fucking for real after several attempts),” he wrote.

Here are a few of them:








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