Twitter User Slams Nigerian DJ Who Refused To Turn Off R. Kelly’s Song

A Twitter user has aired her displeasure as a Nigerian DJ refused her request to turn off R. Kelly’s song.

Taking to the popular social media platform, Jess Finesse Altédola Chibueze, expressed displeasure at radio stations still playing R. Kelly’s song. She wrote;

They’re still playing R. Kelly songs on Nigerian radio sha.

I’m in a restaurant asking them to R. Kelly’s song off and I’m the only woman here. Of course the man across from me starts to laugh at me. Smh

I’m in Lagos island right now. They just started playing “I believe I can fly”. Told them to turn it off. My guy started laughing.

“There’s nothing you can do. He’s the king of Soul.”

User, @Tmtisclutch, also supported her claim writing;

I was an event @tosanwilts was MC’ing and the DJ started playing R.Kelly. Tosan looked back and was like “Nah, next song”. DJ changed it immediately.


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