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Trinidad Health Minister Chides Nicki Minaj Over Her COVID-19 Vaccine Claim

Nicki Minaj’s claim about her cousin’s friend in Trinidad becoming impotent after getting Covid-19 vaccine has been slammed by the Trinidad Health Minister following an investigation.


Nicki had taken to Twitter to raise doubts about the vaccine. She said her cousin’s friend who was getting ready to wed suffered swollen testicles and became impotent after taking the vaccine. The rapper added that it caused the man’s fiancee to cancel their wedding.

Reacting two days after, the Trinidad government said Nicki wasn’t telling the truth.


Trinidad Health Minister chides Nicki Minaj over vaccine claim as he states that his department "wasted so much time" investigating Nicki


The Trinidad and Tobago Health Minister, Terrence Deyalsingh,  said: “One of the reasons why we could not respond yesterday in real-time to Miss Minaj is that we had to check and make sure that what she was claiming was either true or false.

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“Unfortunately, we wasted so much time yesterday running down this false claim.

“As far as we know at this point in time, there has been no such reported side effects or adverse effects.


“And what was sad about this is that it wasted our time yesterday, trying to track down, because we take all these claims seriously.”


Watch the video below.




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