Transgender Man Shows Off His Chest After Undergoing Breast Removal Surgery

A transgender who went under the knife to get rid of his breasts, happily took to social media to share photos of his new chest.

“So I got a new chest,” the user, with name, Ambrose Spellnigga wrote as caption to the topless photo of himself.



Scars from the surgery were apparent on where his breasts used to be.


He also shared photos of himself in the hospital before surgery and told his followers to he got rid of his “tiddies.”


In related news, former World Wrestling Entertainment star, Gabbi Tuft better known as Tyler Reks came out as a transgender woman.

Reks shared the news via a press release on Thursday, February 4th, as he describes his journey as a “thrilling story of gender transitioning.”

The release reads,

“Gabbi is about to share her thrilling story of gender transitioning from a former WWE Superstar, Body Builder, Fitness Guru, Motivational Speaker and Motorcycle Racer to a fun loving and fabulous female. She has been finally set free and ready to rule her world.

“Despite his successes during and after his WWE career, Gabe was still wrestling with a secret persona dwelling deep within him. This is a persona he has been hiding in the loud silence of his soul since childhood,” the release continues.

“Finally, with the blessing of his loving wife Priscilla, Gabe is ready to reveal who he really is. “He” is now known as “She”: A beautiful, wise, witty and wonderful woman called “Gabbi.””

“This is a story that wrestling and other sports fans, friends and followers must not miss, especially many in the LGBTQ community dealing with challenging transgender issues, who Gabbi and [wife] Priscilla are willing to help”.

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