Tracee Ellis Ross reportedly Considering Doing Less “Blackish” due to Gender Pay Disparity

Actress Tracee Ellis Ross is reportedly considering devoting less time to show “Blackish” if the pay disparity between herself and actor Anthony Anderson isn’t corrected.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the issue was discussed at a recent #TimesUp meeting where Hollywood actresses discussed equal pay.

A source who attended the meeting allegedly revealed that Ross’ pay, which is significantly less than Anderson’s, was a cause for worry and discussed at length.

Ross is reportedly negotiating for the fifth season, and sources say she feels that if her pay isn’t brought to the level of Anderson’s, she may do fewer episodes and guest-appear on other shows to make up for the pay disparity.

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The situation is said to be dicey, as although both Anderson and Ross play leading roles, Anderson has been present since the show’s inception and he also serves as an executive producer.

A network source however told The Hollywood Reporter that the new deal will significantly increase her pay.


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