Tourist Killed In Bali Boat Explosion, At Least 20 Injured

Police on the Indonesian tourist island of Bali said Thursday a German woman was killed and about 20 other people injured in an explosion on a speed boat ferrying them to neighboring Lombok.

Karangasem district police chief Bambang Sudarso said the “Gili Cat 2” fast boat had more than 40 people including crew on board. He said all the passengers have been evacuated and the injured are being treated at a local medical clinic.

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The explosion occurred about 200 meters (220 yards) from the port of departure, Padang Bai, and was preceded by smoke billowing from the engine, he said.

“One of the passengers died from bad injuries after being hit by boat debris that also caused injuries in others,” Sudarso said.

Aside from Germany, a manifest showed that passengers were from several other countries, including Britain, France, Italy and Spain.

Police are questioning the boat’s captain.


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