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Top 10 Countries With Least Amount of Annual Rainfall 

In every culture rainfall is considered as the blessing of God, it also brings joy and happiness to people and it is very beneficial for all humans, animals and non living things. Specially people living in desert areas love rainfall and its biggest example is Botswana, it is a country located in southern Africa and most of its area is covered with desert, people of this country speaks Setswana language and in this language the word used for rain is pula and in recognition of the economic importance of rain pula is used as national currency of Botswana. Rainfall is very helpful during the period of droughts when there is shortage of food, water and other necessities of life droughts also make land fertile, this deadliest natural disaster has killed many people and animals in Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, India and many other countries.

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There are so many countries in the world which are receiving very less amount of rainfall every year which leads dryness in these countries to extreme level due to which cultivation becomes impossible. According to a report of NASA world will face shortage of water in very less time because world is running out of water, now we are going to tell you about top ten countries with least amount of annual rainfall in the world.

 Annual Rainfall 
 Dry Valleys
 Wadi Halfa
 Pelican Point

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