Three Best Ways To Ask Her Out

To courageous guys, asking a woman out can be a lot enjoyable along with effort. Quite frankly, I love when a guy goes all out just to get my attention but what I don’t like  is for a guy to go crazy just to tell me he likes me. Here are three strange, stupid and crazy ways guys use to ask girls out.

1. Propose to her

Although this seems like the best way to go in order to get a girl’s attention, you don’t need to actually propose to her or even make it seem like that. Get a ring box and bend down on one knee. She’ll notice you almost instantly. However, inside the box, you could replace the diamond ring with a note asking her out. The gesture will definitely make her laugh

2. Make a bet

Some guys make a bet with their friends to ask a girl out. It could be fun but I most cases, it just to help them go on that mission with the hope of winning something, whether in cash or kind.  But to make things interesting a guys could challenge her to go out with him. If he loses, then he backs off respectfully. If she likes him, she’s sure to get impressed with his tact and ask him out herself. And if you win, then just remember to treat her like the prize she is.

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3. The Grand Gesture

Asking a girl out doesn’t have to be like a Broadway movie. The theatrical epic entrance with singers and dancers all prancing around the girl as our hero asks her out might seem a little too much. But in some cases, this is exactly what’s required. However, we wonder if Nigerian girls would love this (especially if it’s not a proposal). Others would want to send gifts, they would go overboard with it — fill her entire office with roses, call her 20 times a day because she gave you her number etc.  Don’t attempt this unless you are sure of the girl’s feelings or you’ll end up hurting yours. If she’s on the edge, then wooing her with a grand gesture, even a less theatrical one, will definitely make her lean towards the positive.


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