Thousands Protest Against G20 Over Its Failure To Solve Many Issues Threatening World Peace, Dozens Of Police Injured

At least 76 police officers and dozens of protesters have been injured in clashes in Hamburg ahead of the G20 summit, officials said.

Violent scenes continued into the night at the G20 summit in Hamburg as hardcore anti-capitalist protesters set fires after earlier being hit with water cannons and pepper spray by German riot police.

Dramatic photos showed helmeted officers battling to keep order after 100,000 protesters poured into the city for their ‘Welcome To Hell’ protest against the meeting of world leaders.

Police say they repeatedly asked a group of demonstrators to remove their masks and hoods but instead officers were hit with bottles and bricks breaking the window of a riot van.

The violence broke out near the start of the demonstration at a riverside plaza used for Hamburg’s weekly fish market. Protesters say the G20 has failed to solve many of the issues threatening world peace, including climate change, worsening inequality and violent conflicts.

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