“They Say I’m Broke And Desperate” – Diamond Platnumz’s Kenyan Babymama, Tanasha Donna

There is no greater satisfaction than a lady knowing that a lady can afford to cover her own bills without depending on her man – a trick that Tanasha seems to have perfected in.

In a new post shared by Mama Naseeb Junior we understand that she has been receiving negative comments from her haters who can’t seem to let her be.

According to Tanasha, most of her fans tend to think that she is only with Diamond Platnumz for the money and fame. Some have even gone to the extent labeling her as a golddigger as revealed on her post.

Yet they say I’m broke & desperate… I ain’t rich (YET) but financially stable through my OWN HARD WORK and SWEAT I AM, HAVE ALWAYS BEEN & everyone around me knows that. Let me flaunt when I’m making millions of dollars, can’t flaunt when I’m only making tens of thousands. #DONNATELLASEASON,

Well judging from the post above it’s evident to Tanasha definitely has been catching feelings for being referred to a gold digger yet she works hard to make sure all her bills are paid on time.

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Anyway, we also can’t blame the fans since most ladies are known to hook up with Diamond Platnumz for his money!


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