The Laws Of Ghana Do Not Recognize Any Offense Called Sexual Harassment – Lawyer Leslie Fiadoyor Unveils

Lawyer Leslie Fiadoyor, has revealed that the laws of Ghana, do not exactly or explicitly have an offense known as sexual harassment.

During a phone interview with host, Mercy Bee, on Girl Vibes which airs on eTV, he mentioned that the closest offense to sexual harassment in the laws of Ghana is indecent assault, which also belongs to the class of sexual offenses.

“An aspect of sexual harassment which involves forced bodily contact in a sexual way, can ripen into indecent assault per the laws of the land”, he educated.

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The lawyer enlightened that being found guilty of this act, one faces an imprisonment of not less than six months.

“In addition to the criminal aspect, what people don’t know is that there is also a civil aspect to any conduct so you can actually sue such a person and you will get what lawyers call damages, or monetary compensation for the assault perpetrated against you”, he further unveiled.


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