Terrible Show! Fans Slam East Africa’s Got Talent Panel Of Judges

It has hardly been a month since and masses already feel that East Africa’s Got Talent judges are incompetent.

The list of 4 judges includes: Tanzanian singer Vanessa Mdee, Kenyan journalist Jeff Koinange, Ugandan radio host/TV host Gaetano Kagwa and Rwandese DJ Makeda Mahadeo.

The team of judges is facing allegations of unprofessionalism, biasness and unfairness.

It started off with one fan’s voice, before all others stormed the comment section challenging the panel of judges in question.

If anything, fans actually want the famous yet unpopular Judge, Ian Mbugua, one who said things as they are. If at all the show is to produce a deserving winner.


I have watched this east Africa got talent show and damn these judges are something else… With this rate we won’t have any deserving winner, I don’t know if I have been watching too much of other countries got talent and X factor, the voice but for sure our judges suck……actually there are very nice acts very nice some even needs a golden buzzer but too bad the judges have only one chance for a golden buzzer… I can’t talk about the ladies judges coz they are just there..


Everything to them is just a yes yes yes nkt… Sometimes Gaetano tries to bring a bit of Simon Cowell but he still fails, sometimes he tries the David walliams… jumping into saying yes yes even without listening…. then this thing they are just almost dancing in their sits for almost every act.. Gosh… I was loving the acts but when they turn the cameras to judges I just loose appetite for it… Where is Ian… We need some sanity in this show… I was watching with some of my friends from UK and they were just laughing… 😠😠😠 Yes the acts are there but the judges phoooo niguteee… Someone bring Ian..

Back up

Followers crowded the comment section quickly blasting:

Joyce Kungu Ian should be in this platform, not that fashion police bullshit he once did


Susan Oduor They are trying to copy the westerners too much hadi its sickening…. they forget kina Simon Cowel & the rest are very original….😣😣😣Trust me they already know the winner😁😁😁😁Kwanza that myyyyyy ooooh myyyyy wa boyz club huwa i dont trust him at oooooolllll😊


Oketch Japhrice Ian should replace Gaetano. He just sits there looking handsome


Mitchelle Andanje Very true…where is judge ian mbugua


Indra Indra The last show every presentation was a yes.. And i was like who shall be the winner then😏😏😏😏😏😏😏


Goria Pendo Fondo I was dissapointed at the group that Jeff gave a golden buzzer. There were more deserving acts that could have been given the golden buzzer not that makorokocho group. Wako down kabisa. The rwandese is very beautiful but my least favorite. She is amazed by the simplest things you would think it’s her first time on planet earth. Terrible show.


Apiyo Okoth Apiyo Yaani bado kuna wengine wenu mna nguvu za kuwatch EAGT ?We need better judges please.


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