Technology: China Creates First Ever Online Court!

The Chinese have again innovated as usual.

They created the first ever online court. They can now register their complaints directly online.

Indeed, the People’s Republic of China launched last week, in Hangzhou, a town in the east of the country, the first “court on the Internet” to resolve disputes related to the web and e -trade.

The court will register, investigate online complaints and organize videoconferencing hearings on the internet between the judge, the complainant and the accused in disputes over business transactions on the Internet, copyright and product quality sold in line.

According to Du Qian, senior judge of the new institution at the Supreme People’s Court of China, this new legal tool is advantageous on two levels.

The first advantage is that it offers everyone an efficient and inexpensive solution to these new types of conflicts that arise on the Internet.

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Secondly, this new technique of judgment will not only make the legal action as simple as an online purchase, but also give electronic commerce the same level of legal protection as consumption in hard stores. .

The world’s largest consumer

China has the largest number of Internet users in the world, at 731 million by the end of 2016. Internet trade is considered a crucial sector by Beijing, which wants an economy more driven by domestic consumption.

Chinese consumers spent $ 17.8 billion (€ 15.2 billion) on November 11 at the “Singles Festival”, the largest annual e-commerce operation in the country, organized by the National mastodon of the Alibaba internet.


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