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Taylor Swift’s Fan Arrested After Crashing Car Into Singer’s Home And Demanding To See Her

Taylor Swift suffered serious damage to her property when a fan allegedly drove his car into her home in New York City.


The incident occurred on Thursday morning, January 27.


The man was allegedly seen driving the wrong way down the singer’s street before reversing and smashing into her apartment building and a fire hydrant outside the property.


It is claimed that the assailant then exited his car and headed up to the intercom of the apartment block.


He attempted to rip the intercom out of the wall, leaving the electrical wires hanging out of the wall.

He was heard mumbling about Taylor Swift.


According to TMZ police officers arrived at the scene to find the man demanding that he would not leave the area until he had seen Taylor.


A witness had dialled 911 and when the NYPD officers arrived at the scene the man was arrested and taken to a nearby hospital.


It is thought he was taken for psychiatric evaluation.


Police sources have told TMZ that he is facing potential charges including DWI and criminal mischief.

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