Tanzanians Welcome Ugandan Celebrity Zari, Hamisa Mobeto Jealous

Following the Zari and Diamond reunion, Hamisa is currently hiding out in Kenya.

Hamisa went on a media blowout After Zari was given a huge celebrity welcome into Tanzania which she has not got even being a Tanzanian National herself.













She claims people are posting cool pictures of Zari calling her a queen but apparently to her, that is old news. She says she and her “fans” need new stories.

She took Diamond to court over child Neglect and sessions start next month.

Check out her post;

“Dear haters, you have entertained us for so long with the same chorus of the same song. It’s four months now since you started telling me how I’m a bi…h, husband snatcher, how I was f…d and dumped, how I will never be like your queen, how I bleached, how I’m a mother of bustards from different men, how I’m a loser, how Dee does not show me in public, how he does not post my pictures, how I raped him, how I’m living a lonely life, how I’m an egg hawker, how I depend on child upkeep, how I can’t keep a man, how I look like a doll, how I’m a one night stand, how I’m a copy cat, how I’m stupid and not educated, how my mother did not teach me to get my own man, how I borrow clothes to match your queen.”

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“Me and my fans need new stories from you. We have heard you for the last 4 months and you don’t seem to understand that we need more than what you have on the table at the moment.Thank you.”

It seems the heat is getting to her.


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