Tanzanian Singer, Juma Jux Reveals Why He Would Never Quit Music For Love Like His Ex, Vanessa Mdee

Juma Jux moved on quite fast with his caucasian hottie. However, things between the two ended as fast as they had began and since then; Jux is now having fun and not committing.

Speaking to Wasafi media a few days ago, Juma Jux went on to reveal that his ex quitting music was a big mistake. According to the singer, he can never give up his career because of music as nothing in life is permanent.

Well judging from how he spoke during the interview; it appears that he already gave up on love after his last break up. However seeing his ex Vanessa Mdee with Rotimi having such a wondering relationship must sting one way; or another but indeed losing her must have been the biggest mistake her ever made.

Juma Jux dismisses breakup rumors with Asian girlfriend

I won’t kill myself for love

His interview comes a few months after Vanessa Mdee announced her exit from the music industry. According to the lass, she needed some time to herself and her new found love hence the music break.

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But this move seem to have rubbed Jux the wrong way judging from how he spoke during the interview. He went on to open up saying;

Don’t let you life depend on someone. Love someone but don’t make it as through, if she/he is not there. Everything goes wrong, no. There are second chances in life. Vanessa and I separated, I got into a relationship that was I was happy and now she is in a relationship. And that’s how life is. Right now, i can’t say because of that, I will kill myself or leave music no. Because of love? No. I can’t do that.

Exes Juma Juxx with Vanessa Mdee

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