Tanzanian Singer, Juma Jux Breaks Silence On Relationship Between His Ex-girlfriend Vanessa Mdee And Rotimi

News of Tanzanian singer, Vanessa Mdee and Power star Olurotimi Akinosho dating hit social media a while back with many speculating the two were an item.

Their secrecy was short lived however as netizens put two and two together. The former East Africa’s Got Talent judge not long after confirmed the relationship.

Vanessa explained that she and Rotimi respect each other and would like to keep their relationship private.

“Ndio nipo Miami na mpenzi wangu, sio siri kwamba tuna mahusiano, it’s not a secret. But we would like to keep our relationship private. We love and respect each other so much and wanna keep building,” she said.

Jux’s reaction

Word of Vanessa’s relationship reached her ex-boyfriend, Juma Jux who when asked to comment on the matter.

Speaking during an interview with a local blog Jux clarified that he was not only happy that Vanessa had moved on but that she had gotten another chance to give love a shot.

“I am happy she found love in Rotimi. I was waiting for the day she will be happy. You know when it comes to love one person moves on after a breakup and one remains and so when I saw she has moved on, in all honesty, I was happy,” he said.

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After Vanessa and Jux’s break up, he moved on with Nayika, a professional model and a health practitioner whom he frequently flaunted on social media.

“Unajua mimi nikiwa kwenye mahsuiono na penda sana kuonyesha Mpenzi wangu. Sio eti nataka kumuumiza Vanessa bali hinyo ndo mi napenda” he said.

Jux’s new relationship sparked criticism from a section of his and Vanessa’s fans as they felt he had moved on too fast. Jux clarified that they had broken up eight months before the public got to know.

“Let me tell you the truth, Vanessa and I broke up in 2018 December. Guys knew about our breakup 8 months after. To people, it was too soon but to us, it took time. I mean almost a year is not a short time to move on.

Break up blame

Vanessa and Jux have dated on and off for close to six years but called it quits for good late last year.

According to Jux, he is partly the reason they broke off their relationship as he put unnecessary pressure on Vanessa after seeing her picture online with American singer Trey Songz.


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